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13.17 Other changes

13.17.1 The -build command line option loads patches

13.17.2 New check for patch loading when saving universal binary

13.17.3 Using an embedded build script with -build

13.17.4 Defining setf expanders in protected packages

13.17.5 Unsetting an environment variable in 64-bit LispWorks

13.17.6 String reader obeys default character element type

13.17.7 Change to package-use-list of COMMON-LISP package

13.17.8 Changes in *features*

13.17.9 Floating point optimization of +, - and *

13.17.10 Binary file type(s)

13.17.11 Loading old data files

13.17.12 ensure-directories-exist with :up

13.17.13 Limiting the printed length of strings

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011