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12.9.7 Reporting bugs in delivered images

Some delivered executables lack the debugger. It is still useful for us to see a bug report template from your Lisp image that was used to build the delivered executable. If possible, load your code and call (require "delivery") then generate the template.

For bugs in delivered LispWorks images, the best approach is to start with a very simple call to deliver , at level 0 and with the minimum of delivery keywords ( :interface :capi and :multiprocessing t at most). Then deliver at increasingly severe levels. Add delivery keywords to address specific problems you find (see the LispWorks Delivery User Guide .for details. However, please note that you are not expected to need to add more than 6 or so delivery keywords: do contact us if you are adding more than this.)

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011