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12.9.4 Add details to your bug report

Under 'Urgency' tell us how urgent the issue is for you. We classify reports as follows:


A bug or missing feature that is stopping progress. Probably needs a private patch, possibly under a support contract, unless a workaround can be found.

Current Release

Either a fix in the next patch bundle or as a private patch, possibly under a support contract.

Next Release

A fix would be nice in the next minor release.

Future Release

An item for our wishlist.


Probably not a bug or feature request.

Tell us if the bug is repeatable. Add instructions on how to reproduce it to the 'Description' field of the bug report form.

Include any other information you think might be relevant. This might be your code which triggers the bug. In this case, please send us a self-contained piece of code which demonstrates the problem (this is much more useful than code fragments).

Include the output of the Lisp image. In general it is not useful to edit the output, so please send it as-is. Where output files are very large (> 2MB) and repetitive, the first and last 200 lines might be adequate.

If the problem depends on a source or resource file, please include that file with the bug report.

If the bug report falls into one of the categories below, please also include the results of a backtrace after carrying out the extra steps requested:

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