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12.9.3 Generate a bug report template

Whatever method you want to use to contact us, choose Help > Report Bug from any tool, or use the command Meta+X Report Bug , or at a Lisp prompt, use :bug-form , for example:

:bug-form "foo is broken" :filename "bug-report-about-foo.txt"

All three methods produce a report template you can fill in. In the GUI environment we prefer you use the Report Bug command - do this from within the debugger if an error has been signalled.

The bug report template captures details of the Operating System and Lisp you are running, as well as a stack backtrace if your Lisp is in the debugger. There may be delays if you do not provide this essential information.

If the issue you are reporting does not signal an error, or for some other reason you are not able to supply a backtrace, we still want to see the bug report template generated from the relevant LispWorks image.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011