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7.5.2 Testing the newly saved image

The following steps provide a basic test of your installation.

  1. Change directory to /tmp .
  2. Verify that your DISPLAY environment variable is correctly set and that your machine has permission to connect to the display.
  3. Start up the new image.
  4. Test the load-on-demand system:
  5. CL-USER 1 > (inspect 1)

    The inspector is a load-on-demand feature, so if the installation is correct you will see messages reporting that the inspector is being loaded.

  6. Test the X interface:
  7. CL-USER 2 > (env:start-environment :display <display>)

    where <display> is the name of the machine running the X server, for example "cantor:0" .

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 23 Dec 2011