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7.5 Configuring the LispWorks image

Now you can configure the LispWorks image to your taste. In the distribution directory config there are two files that have been preloaded into the LispWorks image:

Take a look at the settings in configure.lisp to see if there is anything you want to change. In particular, you must change the value of *lispworks-directory* if you have chosen a location for the library which is different to that in the supplied image and moved the image away from the top-level of the installation directory.

If you already have a .lispworks personal initialization file in your home directory, examine the supplied example a-dot-lispworks.lisp file for new settings which you may wish to add. Otherwise, make a copy of a-dot-lispworks.lisp in your home directory, naming it .lispworks . This file is loaded into LispWorks when you start it up, allowing you to make personal customizations to LispWorks not in the image your fellow users see.

7.5.1 Saving a configured image

7.5.2 Testing the newly saved image

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