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You will need a valid key, placed in a keyfile, for LispWorks to run. Note that keys and licenses issued for use with LispWorks version 4.x do not work for LispWorks 6.1.

To get a key for your copy of LispWorks, contact Lisp Support. You need to supply the machine ID. You can find this out by starting the LispWorks image up--the ID will be printed in the keyfile error message produced.

Send this information by e-mail to the following address:

Other queries should be sent to

although please be sure to check Reporting bugs for instructions before sending us a bug report. If you do not have e-mail access, you can contact Lisp Support by telephone or ordinary postal mail. Contact details are in Send the bug report.

Once you have your key, put it in a file in one of the following locations:

If there is more than one key in the keyfile, make sure each one is on a separate line in the file and that there is no leading space before it.

For more details, see How to obtain keys.

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