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7.9.4 Reusing form parsers

The form parser established above was specifically for parameterdef forms. However if you have other definers of similar syntax - in this example, definers for which the name is the second subform - then you can define a form parser which can be associated with each of them, as follows:

(dspec:define-form-parser (name-second (:anonymous t)) 
    (value name)
  `(,name-second ,name))

Note that the name-second variable is evaluated in the body of the parser. Supposing you have another defining macro constantdef :

(defmacro constantdef (value name)
  `(defconstant ,name ,value))

then you can associate the same parser with both this and parameterdef :

(dspec:define-form-parser (parameterdef 
                           (:parser name-second-form-parser)))
(dspec:define-form-parser (constantdef 
                           (:parser name-second-form-parser)))

LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual - 21 Dec 2011