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7.9 Users of location information

To find location information for definitions made in the running image or recorded in a tags database or a tags file:

The extent of the search is controlled by the value of the variable *active-finders*.

For example, to obtain the locations of the definitions of foo across all dspec namespaces, call

(dspec:find-name-locations dspec:*dspec-classes* 'foo)

Another example of the use of find-name-locations is the LispWorks Editor tool's Find Definitions tab.

7.9.1 Finding definitions in the LispWorks editor

7.9.2 Using pre-defined form parsers

7.9.3 The editor's implicit form parser

7.9.4 Reusing form parsers

7.9.5 Example: defcondition

7.9.6 Example: my-defmethod

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