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25.7 Generating and executing plans in the preview view

The preview view allows you to generate different system plans automatically based on three things:

You can use this view to browse the plan and to execute all or any part of it, as well as generate it.

Click on the Preview tab to switch to the preview view in the System Browser. The System Browser appears.

Figure 25.3 Previewing system plans using the Preview view

Click Recompute Events or the menu command Window > Refresh and expand nodes in the tree to make the plan fully visible as in Previewing system plans using the Preview view.

The System Browser has the areas described below.

25.7.1 System area

25.7.2 Actions area

25.7.3 Filter area

25.7.4 Plan area

25.7.5 File description area

25.7.6 Executing plans in the preview view

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