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12.3.2 Alternative application bundle creation code

Your LispWorks Library contains example code which constructs a Mac OS X application bundle. It defines write-macos-application-bundle which is similar to hcl:create-macos-application-bundle .

Previous versions of LispWorks relied on this example code to create Mac OS X application bundles and you may still wish to use it, or a modified version of it, if hcl:create-macos-application-bundle does not meet your needs. Load the example file in your delivery script, before calling deliver, like this:

 (example-file "configuration/macos-application-bundle")
 :output-file :temp
 :load t)

There is another example in

(example-file "configuration/save-macos-application.lisp")

This code is actually a save-image script (rather than deliver ) but it shows how to avoid writing the application bundle twice when saving a universal binary application.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 13 Dec 2011