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13.8 Editor changes

This section describes new features and other changes in the LispWorks editor, which is used in the Editor tool of the LispWorks IDE.

See the LispWorks Editor User Guide for details of these changes.

13.8.1 Change to Tab key in Lisp mode

13.8.2 New commands

13.8.3 New echo area commands

13.8.4 Position indicator shows line numbers

13.8.5 Popping marks rotates the mark ring like GNU Emacs

13.8.6 File completion shows trailing slash for directories

13.8.7 Escaped symbols recognized correctly

13.8.8 prompt-for-file :direction and :create-directories

13.8.9 Definers for editor variables

13.8.10 Buffer variable value

13.8.11 New exports

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