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13.7.1 ASDF integration

You can now work with ASDF systems in the System Browser tool and Search Files tool in the same way as you can use LispWorks own lw:defsystem systems. Various LispWorks editor commands also work on ASDF systems.

To use ASDF in the LispWorks IDE:

  1. Load ASDF and some ASDF system definitions in the usual ASDF way.
  2. Load the file (example-file "misc/asdf-integration.lisp") .

In the tools, an ASDF system named cffi is denoted ASDF:cffi, while an lw:defsystem system named foo is denoted LW:foo, so you can distinguish the two types of system definition if necessary.

Note: The interface is intended to be able to accomodate other system definition utilities as well. The comments in asdf-integration.lisp explain how it works in detail.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 21 Dec 2009