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13.7 IDE changes

This section describes new features and other changes in the LispWorks Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

See the LispWorks IDE User Guide for details of the features mentioned.

13.7.1 ASDF integration

13.7.2 Break gesture available in the Cocoa IDE

13.7.3 Enhanced Break gesture handling

13.7.4 Mac OS X toolbars

13.7.5 Customizable toolbars

13.7.6 Preferences consolidated

13.7.7 Editor font preference changed

13.7.8 Parenthesis coloring

13.7.9 Snapshot debugging on initialization

13.7.10 The default directory for opening files

13.7.11 Prompt on exit for modified buffers not associated with a file

13.7.12 Scroller size in Editor and other tools

13.7.13 Editor status bar shows line numbers

13.7.14 New and changed Edit menu operations

13.7.15 Standard Edit gestures on Cocoa

13.7.16 More control over Process Browser automatic updates

13.7.17 Search Files with known definitions

13.7.18 Search Files option for relative or full paths

13.7.19 Search Files highlights first match for file

13.7.20 Symbol Browser sortable

13.7.21 Completion in Tracer

13.7.22 Inspecting the function in a stack frame

13.7.23 Bad interaction with pretty printer eliminated

13.7.24 Removal of breakpoints

13.7.25 Output Browser accelerator

13.7.26 Listen operations move Listener point

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