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13.4 New CAPI features

See the LispWorks CAPI Reference Manual for more details of these.

13.4.1 Break gesture available in CAPI Cocoa applications

13.4.2 Setting the break gestures

13.4.3 Lisp mode parenthesis coloring

13.4.4 Toolbar API for capi:interface

13.4.5 Lightweight positioning of panes

13.4.6 Grid cells spanning multiple columns or rows

13.4.7 Separators in rows and columns

13.4.8 Ratio specification for dividers and separators

13.4.9 Lists with a filter

13.4.10 Lists which do not take input focus

13.4.11 Finding the child pane with input focus

13.4.12 Automatic scrolling to show the focus pane

13.4.13 Programmatic scrolling of lists etc implemented on Cocoa

13.4.14 Edit/select operations for the active pane

13.4.15 Buffered output to improve drawing on Windows and Motif

13.4.16 Detecting key presses and releases

13.4.17 Modifiers in button and motion input-model gestures

13.4.18 Stop playing of a sound file

13.4.19 Drag'n'drop enhancements

13.4.20 Matching GTK+ and Motif resources

13.4.21 Callback types including element

13.4.22 read-only editor-panes

13.4.23 Uniform error handling in dialogs

13.4.24 Dialogs that are dismissed by any input

13.4.25 Enabling menu items when a dialog is on screen

13.4.26 Support for file packages as directories on Cocoa

13.4.27 Efficient modification of a range-pane

13.4.28 Testing for support of display of text and image in menus

13.4.29 Preserving interface state during session saving

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