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13.4.15 Buffered output to improve drawing on Windows and Motif

If redrawing of your capi:pinboard-layout or capi:output-pane flickers on Microsoft Windows or Motif, perhaps because there are many pinboard objects or the redisplay is complex in some other way, you can use the new initarg :draw-with-buffer . This makes a pixmap to buffer the output before drawing it to the screen.

The capi:output-pane initarg :draw-with-buffer supersedes the capi:pinboard-layout initarg :draw-pinboard-objects (which was not documented but was used in some CAPI examples distributed with LispWorks 5.1 and earlier versions). Use :draw-with-buffer instead.

:draw-with-buffer has no effect on Cocoa and GTK+ because these libraries always buffer the output.

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