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6.1 Software and hardware requirements

An overview of system requirements is provided in System requirements on FreeBSD. The sections that follow discuss any relevant details.

System requirements on FreeBSD

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

160MB of disk space for Enterprise Edition plus documentation

FreeBSD 7.x, or later with compat7x
(if you want to run on FreeBSD 6.x, then please contact Lisp Support)

Any modern machine is likely to have sufficient RAM to run LispWorks as distributed.

GTK+ 2.4 or higher to run the GTK+ GUI.

Open Motif 2.2.x and Imlib to run the deprecated Motif GUI


Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox or Opera Web browser for viewing on-line documentation

6.1.1 GUI libraries

6.1.2 Disk requirements

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