2.5.2 Start the X11/Motif LispWorks GUI

Assuming you have installed this option, and that you have X11 running and Motif installed, you can now start LispWorks with the X11/Motif GUI.

Note that the supplied image does not start its GUI automatically by default. There are three alternate ways to make the GUI start:

  1. Call the function env:start-environment
  2. Follow this session in the X11 terminal (xterm by default):

    xterm% cd "/Applications/LispWorks 5.1"
    xterm% ./lispworks-5-1-0-macos-universal-motif
    LispWorks(R): The Common Lisp Programming Environment
    Copyright (C) 1987-2008 LispWorks Ltd.  All rights reserved.
    Version 5.1.0
    Saved by LispWorks as lispworks-5-1-0-darwin-motif, at 29 Feb 2008 14:37
    User dubya on octane
    ; Loading text file /Applications/LispWorks 5.1/Library/lib/5-1-0-0/config/siteinit.lisp
    ; Loading text file /Applications/LispWorks 5.1/Library/lib/5-1-0-0/private-patches/load.lisp
    ; Loading text file /u/ldisk/dubya/.lispworks
    CL-USER 1 > (env:start-environment)

    The LispWorks X11/Motif IDE and Lisp Monitor window should appear.

    You may put the call to env:start-environment at the end of your initialization file, if desired.

  3. Pass the -env command line argument
  4. The -env command line argument causes the function env:start-environment to be called.

    Follow this session in the X11 terminal:

    xterm% cd "/Applications/LispWorks 5.1"
    xterm% ./lispworks-5-1-0-macos-universal-motif

    The LispWorks X11/Motif IDE and Lisp Monitor window should appear.

  5. Create an image which starts the GUI automatically
  6. If you want to create a LispWorks image which starts the GUI automatically, you should make a configuration script that calls

    ( save-image ... :environment t)

    and pass it to the supplied lispworks-5-1-0-macos-universal-motif image. Note: This will create a non-universal binary, containing only the architecture on which you call save-image .

    See Configuring your LispWorks installation for more information about configuring your LispWorks image for your own needs.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008