2.5.1 Start the native Mac OS X LispWorks GUI

Assuming you have installed this option, you can now start LispWorks with the native Mac OS X GUI by double-clicking on the LispWorks icon in the LispWorks folder.

Note: The LispWorks folder is described in Select Destination.

If you added LispWorks to the Dock during installation, you can also start LispWorks from the Dock. If you did not add LispWorks to the Dock during installation, you can add it simply by dragging the LispWorks icon from the Finder to the Dock.

If you want to create a LispWorks image which does not start the GUI automatically, you should use a configuration script that calls

(save-image ... :environment nil)

and pass it to the supplied lispworks-5-1-0-macos-universal image.

See Configuring your LispWorks installation for more information about configuring your LispWorks image for your own needs.

Note: for the Personal Edition, the folder name and icon name are LispWorks Personal, the image is lispworks-personal-5-1-0-macos-universal , and save-image is not available.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008