12.8.3 In-place completion

Editor commands which help you to complete what you are typing, such as Complete Symbol (key Alt+Ctrl+I in Emacs emulation) and Complete Input (key Tab in the echo area) now display a window listing possible completions which does not grab the input focus.

While this in-place completion window is displayed, most keyboard input is still processed by the editor as normal, so you can simply continue typing to reduce the number of possible completions displayed.

A few keyboard gestures are handled by the completion window to allow you to select an item from the list of possibilities. These are Up , Down , PageUp , PageDown and Return , while Escape cancels the in-place window.

Occasionally you may want to filter the completions list. Ctrl+Return adds/removes this filter. Ctrl+Shift+Return redirects input to the filter. Ctrl+Shift+R , Ctrl+Shift+E and Ctrl+Shift+C change the filter mode.

In-place completion allows faster completion, when you get used to it! If you prefer modal completion dialogs instead (as in LispWorks 5.0 and earlier versions) change the Use in-place completion setting as described in Controlling completion behavior.

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008