12.8 Editor changes

See the LispWorks Editor User Guide for details of these changes.

12.8.1 Locking changed

12.8.2 Undo changed

12.8.3 In-place completion

12.8.4 New completion command

12.8.5 New location commands

12.8.6 Feedback on key bindings for commands

12.8.7 Editor defaults to Code Page encoding

12.8.8 Encoding for writing files

12.8.9 Encoding for reading files

12.8.10 Matching parentheses are both highlighted

12.8.11 Highlighting of the selected region is removed after scrolling

12.8.12 Editor filling and autofilling of comments in Lisp mode

12.8.13 Syntax of editor variable names

LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide - 18 Mar 2008