4.8 Documentation

Describe Symbol

Editor Command

Argument: symbol
Key sequence: None

Displays a description (that is, value, property list, package, and so on) of symbol in a Help window. The symbol under the current point is offered as a default value for string . A prefix argument automatically causes this default value to be used.

Function Documentation

Editor Command

Arguments: None
Key sequence: Ctrl+Shift+D

editor:function-documentation-command p

Prompts for a symbol, which defaults to the symbol at the current point, and displays the HTML documentation for that symbol if it is found in the HTML manuals index pages.

On X11/Motif the prefix argument controls whether a new browser window is created. If the option "Reuse existing brower window" is on in the browser preferences, then the prefix argument causes the command to create a new browser window. If "Reuse existing brower window" is off in the browser preferences, then the prefix argument causes the command to reuse an existing browser window.

Show Documentation

Editor Command

Argument: name
Key sequence: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+A

Displays a Help window containing any documentation for the Lisp symbol name that is present in the Lisp image. This includes function lambda lists, and documentation strings accessible with cl:documentation , if any such documentation exists.

Show Documentation for Dspec

Editor Command

Argument: dspec
Key sequence: None

Displays any documentation in the Lisp image for the dspec dspec , as described for Show Documentation.

dspec is a symbol or list naming a definition, as described in the LispWorks User Guide .

LispWorks Editor User Guide (Windows version) - 23 Feb 2006