3.4 Running the server and client

We can now run the bank demo for the first time. To run the server:

  1. In the Listener, run:
  2. (load "examples/corba/bank/server/defsys") 
    (compile-system "bank-server" :load t)

    After performing some initialization, the application presents an information dialog to indicate that the server is ready. This dialog has a single Stop server button to shut down the server.

    After the server's dialog has appeared:

  3. Run the following commands in a separate invocation of Common Lisp (in another image):
(load "examples/corba/bank/client/defsys")
(compile-system "bank-client" :load t)

A single Corba Bank window appears, presenting a GUI to the bank. You can now interact with the bank using the Action menu to create new accounts, deposit amounts, and so on.

Once you have finished interacting with the bank, close the Corba Bank window to exit the client application. Then click the Stop server button in the server's dialog to exit the server.


Developing Component Software with CORBA - 24 Feb 2006