3.3 Building the bank client and server

We can now build the client and server applications for the demo. The client and server implementations are available in the respective examples subdirectories.

In your Common Lisp environment,

  1. Build the client by running:
  2. (load "examples/corba/bank/client/defsys") 
    (compile-system "bank-client" :load t)

    You may need to adjust the (load "defsys") command for your platform and/or provide a more precise location on your machine. For example, for a default LispWorks 5.0 installation on MS Windows, you would specify:

    (load "C:\\Program Files\\LispWorks\\lib\\5-0-0-0\\examples\\corba\\bank\\client\\defsys")
  3. Build the server by running:
(load "examples/corba/bank/server/defsys") 
(compile-system "bank-server" :load t)

The defsystem automatically invokes the IDL compiler on the file bank.idl to generate the source code for the skeletons and stubs, which are compiled and stored in the bank fasl file. Following the standard defsystem rules, the IDL will only be recompiled if the fasl file is out of date.

Developing Component Software with CORBA - 24 Feb 2006