2.1 Introduction

You can start a mailer by selecting Tools > Mailer from the podium, or equivalently Works > Mail > Send on any tool. You can also enter Ctrl+X M or Meta+X Mail in any Editor-based window. A number of other menu options and tools also invoke a mailer, such as submitting a bug report from the debugger. The mailer is a tool that allows you to send mail. It appears as shown in Figure 2.2 Bug Options dialog.


Figure 2.1 A mailer

To compose and send the message:

  1. Specify that person's electronic mail address by typing it at the end of the To: line.
  2. Specify a subject for your message.
  3. Type the text of your message in the main area of the window.
  4. Choose Message > Send to send the message.

The mailer window is a specialized editor window; all the keyboard commands available in the editor are available in this window. See the Common LispWorks User Guide for an introduction to these facilities.

LispWorks for UNIX Supplementary Manual - 11 Apr 2005