13.2 Examining information about combined methods

The method combinations view lets you examine information about the combined methods of the current generic function. You supply a signature and Generic Function Browser displays the combined methods of the generic function together with the arguments that match that method combination point.

Method combinations show you the calling order of methods. They use the class precedence lists of the classes on which the methods of a generic function operate. Being able to view these combinations gives you a simple way of seeing how before, after, and around methods are used in a particular generic function.

You can display this view by clicking the Method Combinations tab of a Generic Function Browser, or from the Debugger tool by choosing Frame > Method Combination in a frame containing a standard method. The method combinations view is shown in Generic function browser displaying method combinations below.

Figure 13.2 Generic function browser displaying method combinations

The method combinations view has a number of main sections, described below.

13.2.1 Function box

13.2.2 Signatures button

13.2.3 Arguments types box

13.2.4 List of method combinations

13.2.5 Description list

13.2.6 Restricting displayed signatures by class

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