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A list of packages whose symbols should not be displayed in debugger output.



Initial Value

A list containing the dbg and conditions packages.


dbg:*hidden-packages* is used by the debugger. It should be bound to a list of packages. If a package is included in the list then any symbols in it are not shown by the debugger. Thus during backtraces the call frames corresponding to functions in these packages are not displayed. This can be useful in restricting the debugger to particular areas.

USER 108 > (setq dbg:*hidden-packages*
  (cons (find-package 'Lisp)
(#<The LISP package, 10/224 internal,
                  829/911 external>
 #<The DBG package, 865/905 internal,
                  0/11 external>
 #<The CONDITIONS package, 577/704 internal,
                                            89/111 external>)
USER 109 > (cons unbound-var '(u v))
Error: the variable UNBOUND-VAR is unbound.   1 (continue) Try evaluating it again   2 Return a value to use   3 Return a value to set it to   4 (abort) return to top loop level 0.
Type :c followed by a number to proceed
USER 110 : 1 > :b 3
Catch frame: (NIL)
Catch frame: #:|block-catcher-1748|
Call to %EVAL  :
Call to %EVAL  :
USER 111 : 1 >

*hidden-packages* is an extension to Common Lisp.

LispWorks Reference Manual (Windows version) - 14 Dec 2001

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