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The main LispWorks installation directory.



Initial value

Usually C:\Program Files\Harlequin\LispWorks\current-lib\ , though this is determined by the entry in the configuration file.


Holds the name of the directory where various files important for the running of LispWorks are located.

The subdirectories of *lispworks-directory* should include:

config , which contains the configuration files.

patches , which contains any patches that are sent by Xanalys.

postscript , which contains configuration files for printing using the CAPI printing library. See the chapter on Simple Customization in the LispWorks User Guide for more information on printer configuration.

examples , which contains various files of example code.

Other directories are app-defaults , etc , gnu-lisp , ilisp , load-on-demand , manual , old-environment , and tk-resources .

LispWorks Reference Manual (Windows version) - 14 Dec 2001

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