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Changes compiler settings affecting production of source level debugging information.




toggle-source-debugging &optional on => bool



Flag ( t or nil ) to control the resulting setting of the variables. The default is t .



The current state of source level debugging: t if source level debugging is on.


toggle-source-debugging controls the setting of six compiler parameters, and also turns leaf case optimizations on (when called with nil ) or off (when called with t ).

The six parameters are initially set in the configuration file configure.lisp . For all these parameters, the setting nil improves the compilation speed.

The parameters relate to information required for source level debugging, and other operations that need a record of function definitions (operations such as finding all changed definitions, or finding the source of a definition).

The parameters (all internal to the compiler package) are:


When t , the compiler produces information for the Cross Referencer.


When t , the cross-referencing information produced by the compiler is loaded when the corresponding file is loaded.


When t , the Cross Referencer notices when a definition is changed interpretively.


When t , the compiler generates source recording information.


When t , the source file recording information produced by the compiler is loaded with a fasl file or text file.


When t , the compiler generates information used by the debugger.

toggle-source-debugging modifies the status of the variables, and then returns the new value. To check that all the variables are set to true, without modifying them, use source-debugging-on-p .

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