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B.2 CLIM Packages

LispWorks and Liquid CLIM both make use of the following packages:

CLIM-USER--This is analogous to the USER package. It uses CLIM and CLIM-LISP.

COMMON-LISP-USER--The USER package has been renamed.

COMMON-LISP--The LISP package has been renamed.

CLIM-INTERNALS--For internal use only.

CLIM-SILICA--For internal use only.

CLIM-SYS--Exported, portable Lisp system utilities not officially part of CLIM, such as multitasking, resources, etc.

CLIM--The official, exported CLIM functionality.

CLIM-LISP--CLIM's carefully constructed LISP package. It imports, shadows, and adds symbols to create a portable namespace for CLIM.

CLIM-DEMO--An example of a newly-defined, user-level package that uses CLIM and CLIM-LISP.

CLIM-UTILS--Contains unexported Lisp utilities used by the Lisp system.

The official way to make a package for CLIM is as follows:

(defpackage "MY-CLIM-PACKAGE"  (:use :CLIM-LISP :CLIM :CLIM-SYS))

Common Lisp Interface Manager 2.0 User Guide - 14 Dec 2001

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