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9.8 Application Frame Operators and Accessors

The following operators are used to define and instantiate application frames. They are discussed in detail in 9.2, Defining CLIM Application Frames


Arguments: name superclasses slots &rest options

Summary: Defines an application frame. You can specify a name for the application class, the superclasses (if any), the slots of the application class, and options.

make-application-frame [Function]	

Arguments: frame-name &rest options &key pretty-name frame-manager enable state left top right bottom width height save-under frame-class &allow-other-keys

Summary: Makes an instance of the application frame of type frame-class . If frame-class is not supplied, it defaults to frame-name .

9.8.1 CLIM Application Frame Accessors

9.8.2 Operators for Running CLIM Applications

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