CLIM 2.0 User's Guide


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basic gadget classes 
basic input streams 
basic stream protocol 
basic-gadget (class) 
basic-medium (class) 
basic-pane (class) 
basic-port (class) 
basic-sheet (class) 
bboard-pane (composite pane) 
beep (generic function) 
binary streams 
binding forms, text style 
blank-area (presentation type) 
boolean (presentation type) 
bordered output 
    examples of 
bounded regions 
bounding rectangle protocol 
bounding rectangles 
    figure of 
bounding-rectangle (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle (protocol class) 
bounding-rectangle* (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-height (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-max-x (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-max-y (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-min-x (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-min-y (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-p (function) 
bounding-rectangle-position (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-size (generic function) 
bounding-rectangle-width (generic function) 
buffered output 
bury-sheet (generic function) 

CLIM 2.0 User's Guide - OCT 1998

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