Appendix B Implementation Specifics

B.3 Liquid CLIM Specifics

If you want to add Liquid Common Lisp functions such as cd, pwd, and quit, you must import symbols individually, as the system was designed with intentional conflicts between the LCL and CLIM-LISP / CLIM-SYS packages.

Note that in Liquid Lisp,CONTROL-G andCONTROL-g both refer to the character you get by typing G with both theCONTROL andSHIFT keys held down. If you are writing a keyboard accelerator (a brief combination of keystrokes that invokes a command) and want it to refer to the character obtained by typingCONTROL and unshiftedg, then refer to the character in your code as#\control-\g. If you don't, the Liquid Lisp reader will uppercase theg.

CLIM 2.0 User's Guide - OCT 1998

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