14.2.3 Types of Output Records Graphics Displayed Output Records

Graphics displayed output records are used to record the output produced by the graphics functions, such as draw-line*. Each graphics displayed output record describes the output produced by a call to one of the graphics functions.

CLIM graphics displayed output records capture the following information, so that the original output can be redrawn exactly at replay time:

graphics-displayed-output-record [Protocol Class]
The protocol class that corresponds to output records for the graphics functions, such as draw-line*. This is a subclass of displayed-output-record. If you want to create a new class that behaves like a graphics displayed output record, it should be a subclass of graphics-displayed-output-record. Subclasses of graphics-displayed-output-record must obey the graphics displayed output record protocol.

graphics-displayed-output-record-p [Function]
Returns t if object is a graphics displayed output record; otherwise, it returns nil.

CLIM 2.0 User's Guide - OCT 1998

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