Chapter 9 Defining Application Frames

9.8 Application Frame Operators and Accessors

The following operators are used to define and instantiate application frames. They are discussed in detail in Section 9.2, "Defining CLIM Application Frames."

define-application-frame [Macro]

name superclasses slots&rest options
Defines an application frame. You can specify a name for the application class, the superclasses (if any), the slots of the application class, and options.

make-application-frame [Function]
frame-name&rest options&key pretty-name frame-manager enable state left top right bottom width height save-under frame-class&allow-other-keys
Makes an instance of the application frame of type frame-class. If frame-class is not supplied, it defaults to frame-name.

9.8.1 - CLIM Application Frame Accessors
9.8.2 - Operators for Running CLIM Applications

CLIM 2.0 User's Guide - OCT 1998

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