9.2 Defining CLIM Application Frames

9.2.6 Using an :accept-values Pane in a CLIM Application Frame

Frame :accept-values panes are used when you want one of the panes of your application to be in the form of an accepting-values dialog.

There are several things to remember when using an :accept-values pane in your application frame:

        :displayer my-acceptor-function)
wheremy-acceptor-function is a function that you write. It contains calls to accept just as they would appear inside a accepting-values for a dialog. It takes two arguments, the frame and a stream.my-acceptor-function doesn't need to call accepting-values itself, since that is done automatically.

See Chapter 12, "Menus and Dialogs," especially the function accept-values-pane-displayer.

CLIM 2.0 User's Guide - OCT 1998

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