9.2 Defining CLIM Application Frames

9.2.2 Using the :pane Option

The panes of a frame can be specified in one of two different ways. If the frame has a single layout and no need of named panes, then the :pane option can be used. Otherwise, if named panes or multiple layouts are required, the :panes and :layouts options can be used. Note that the :pane option cannot be used with :panes and :layouts. It is meaningful to define frames that have no panes at all; the frame will simply serve as a repository for state and commands.

The value of the :pane option is a form that is used to create a single (albeit arbitrarily complex) pane. For example:

(vertically () 
            (tabling () 
                     ((horizontally ()
                                    (make-pane 'toggle-button)
                                    (make-pane 'toggle-button)
                                    (make-pane 'toggle-button))
                      (make-pane 'text-field)) 
                     ((make-pane 'push-button :label "a button")
                      (make-pane 'slider))) 
            (scrolling () 
                       (make-pane 'application-pane
            (scrolling () 
                       (make-pane 'interactor-pane))) 

CLIM 2.0 User's Guide - OCT 1998

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