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Signature: delivery-value deliver-keyword

(setf delivery-value) assigns a new-value to deliver-keyword

These must be called after deliver is called. deliver-keyword must be one of the legal keywords to deliver (which are listed in Alphabetical list of DELIVER keywords, or can be displayed by calling deliver-keywords ). delivery-value returns the value associated with this keyword. When deliver is called, the values associated with each keyword are initialized from the arguments to deliver or using their default values (which are listed by deliver-keywords) , or set to nil . They can be modified later by user actions that were added to the "Delivery actions" action-list, and then by the system. Before starting the shaking operations, the values of the keywords are reset, and delivery-value cannot be called after the shaking.

( setf delivery-value) can beused to set the value of a keyword. Since the user actions are done before the system ones, the system actions (which also use delivery-value to access the keywords value) will see any change that the user actions did.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 11 Dec 2001

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