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A typical measure is to put all the templates generated into a file. You can add new ones to it as you work through the delivery process. The templates must be compiled and loaded into the application before delivery. To do this:

  1. Collect into one template file all the method combination template forms that have been output. Start the template file with the form (in-package "CLOS") , so that it looks something like this:
  2. (in-package "CLOS")
    (pre-compile-combined-methods ((1 nil) nil
        (multiple-value-prog1 (_call-method_)
      demand-caching-dcode-miss-function (5 nil (4)))
      demand-caching-dcode-miss-function (6 nil (4)))


    No matter how many times the template form is printed, it only needs to be included in the template file once.

  3. In the LispWorks image, compile the template file.
  4. Load the compiled template file into the image (along with the application and library files) before delivery.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 11 Dec 2001

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