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Default value:

(when (or (delivery-value :keep-debug-mode)
          (delivery-value :keep-modules)
          (<= *delivery-level* 2))

If this is nil , the load function is deleted. Runtime loading is no longer possible when this is done, whether or not require is being used.

It can take two non- nil values:


Keeps the loading code required to load data files.


Keeps the code as for t , plus those internal functions that are required for loading Lisp code. Note that if the Lisp code uses functions that are shaken, these functions must be explicitly kept.

Note: In most cases you need to keep the COMMON-LISP ( CL ) package if files might be loaded into your application, and probably some other packages too. (See :packages-to-keep .)

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 11 Dec 2001

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