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set-reserved-memory-policy Function


Mobile GC only: Tell LispWorks how much reserved memory to try to keep.




set-reserved-memory-policy fixed-size => policy

A real or nil.
nil or integer.

The function set-reserved-memory-policy tells LispWorks how much reserved memory to keep.

If fixed-size is not nil, it tells LispWorks that it should keep this number of bytes of reserved memory. The reserved memory is held in segments of fixed size of 8 MB, the actual amount reserved is fixed-size rounded up to the nearest 8 MB. If fixed-size is nil, LispWorks uses the total size of generation 0 plus generation 1 after each GC to compute the size to keep.

LispWorks starts with the setting being nil.

Calling set-reserved-memory-policy does not change the current size of the reserved area. LispWorks only reduces the reserved area after a GC if it is too large. It only increases it, up to the limit, when the GC has copied all objects from a segment.

set-reserved-memory-policy returns the current setting.

See also

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