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1.4 Using LispWorks with SLIME

Download SLIME from .

1.4.1 Using the Professional/Enterprise Editions with SLIME

To use LispWorks with SLIME it is best to use an image which does not start the LispWorks IDE automatically. You can create such an image with LispWorks Professional or Enterprise Edition. Save it as ~/lw-console as described in 13.3.5 Saving a non-GUI image with multiprocessing enabled.

Configure Emacs to use "~/lw-console" as the value of inferior-lisp-program as shown in the SLIME README.

1.4.2 Using the Personal Edition with SLIME

Start LispWorks Personal Edition, which starts the LispWorks IDE automatically.

Execute these forms in the LispWorks IDE:

(load "/path/to/slime/swank-loader")
(swank:create-server :port 4005)

Inside Emacs, Meta+X slime-connect. Use the same port given above.

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