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13.10 Customizing LispWorks for use with your own code

This section contains some information on customizations you can make in order to make developing your own code a little easier.

13.10.1 Preloading selected modules

If you frequently use some code that is normally supplied as separate modules, you can load them at start-up time from your initialization file. This file is called .lispworks by default, but can be changed to be any other filename. See "Setting Preferences" in the LispWorks IDE User Guide for details.

For example, to load the dynamic-completion code every time you start LispWorks, include the following in your initialization file.

(require "dynamic-complete")

13.10.2 Creating packages

When writing your own code that uses, for instance, the capi package, create a package of your own that uses capi — do not work directly in the capi package. By doing this you can avoid unexpected name clashes.

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