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process-reset Function


Resets a process by discarding its current state.




process-reset process

A process.

The function process-reset interrupts the execution of process and "throws away" its current state. Upon resuming execution, the process calls its function with its initial argument and priority.

process-reset modifies the dynamic execution state of process. It performs a non-local exit from the currently running function, to cause the process's main function to return. unwind-protect forms will be run.

process-reset does not modify any of the attributes of the process, in particular its priority, items on the plist, or accumulated run-time.


Since process-reset causes an asynchronous non-local exit, it is possible that it can occur within an unwind-protect cleanup form or before data used by an unwind-protect cleanup form has been initialized. In some cases, not all cleanups within that form will be run.

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