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18 The Metaobject Protocol

LispWorks CLOS essentially supports the metaobject protocol described in chapters 5 & 6 of The Art of the Metaobject Protocol (Kiczales, des Rivières & Bobrow, The MIT Press, 1991). Throughout the LispWorks documentation, "AMOP" refers to this book. The relevant chapters are available in the LispWorks IDE via the menu command Help > Manuals > CLOS Metaobject Protocol.

All the LispWorks MOP symbols are in the clos package.

There are some discrepancies between LispWorks and AMOP, which are described in this chapter, which also describes some common problems encountered by programmers using the MOP.

18.1 Metaobject features incompatible with AMOP

18.2 Metaobject features additional to AMOP

18.3 Common problems when using the MOP

18.4 Implementation of virtual slots

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