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2.1 First use of the listener

LispWorks runs a top-level REPL on startup. The listener by default appears with a prompt. The name of the current package (that is, the value of cl:*package*) is printed followed by a positive integer, like this:


Enter a Lisp form after the prompt and press Return:

CL-USER 1 > (print 42)

The first `42' printed is the output of the call to print. You see it here because output sent to *standard-output* is written to the listener.

The second `42' printed is the return value of the call to print.

After the return value a new prompt appears. Notice that it contains `2' after the package name: your successive inputs are numbered. You can now proceed to develop and test pieces of your application code:

CL-USER 2 > (defstruct animal species name weight)
CL-USER 3 > (make-animal :species "Hippopotamus" :name "Hilda" :weight 42)
#S(ANIMAL :SPECIES "Hippopotamus" :NAME "Hilda" :WEIGHT 42)

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