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*browser-location* Variable


Specify where to find a browser to display documentation.



Initial Value



The variable *browser-location* controls how the online documentation interface and the function open-url find a web browser executable (either Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla or Opera) to use. The value should be nil, :unset or a string.

If the value is nil, LispWorks attempts to find the browser using the value of the environment variable PATH.

If the value is :unset, LispWorks uses the location set by the Help > Browser Preferences... menu option in the LispWorks IDE, or "/usr/bin/" on Linux and "/usr/local/bin/" on other platforms.

If the value is a string, it specifies the directory in which the browser is installed. Typical values are "/usr/bin/" and "/usr/local/bin/".

Note: do not omit the trailing slash.

Note: *browser-location* is used only in the GTK+-based or Motif-based IDE.

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