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delete-advice Macro


Removes a piece of advice.




delete-advice function-dspec name => nil

A function-dspec Specifies the function definition to which the piece of advice belongs. See 7.5.1 Function dspecs for description of function-dspec.
A symbol naming the piece of advice to be removed. Since several pieces of advice may be attached to a single functional definition, the name is necessary to indicate which one is to be removed.

The macro delete-advice is used to remove a piece of advice named name for the definition named by function-dspec. Advice is a way of altering the behavior of functions. Pieces of advice are associated with a function using defadvice. They define additional actions to be performed when the function is invoked, or alternative code to be performed instead of the function, which may or may not access the original definition. As well as being attached to ordinary functions, advice may be attached to methods and to macros (in this case it is in fact associated with the macro's expansion function).

remove-advice is a function, identical in effect to delete-advice, except that you need to quote the arguments.


delete-advice is an extension to Common Lisp.

See also

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