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20.3 Using ASDF

You can load the supplied version of ASDF 2 by:

(require "asdf")

Optionally, if you actually want your later version of ASDF 2, do:

(asdf:load-system :asdf)

You may need to configure ASDF. For the language-level interface you should follow the ASDF documentation at .

Then load your ASDF system definitions and you are ready to work with ASDF systems in LispWorks.

It is possible to work with both Common Defsystem and ASDF in the same LispWorks image, as long as you use the appropriate APIs to operate on each type of system.

20.3.1 Bypassing the supplied version of ASDF

To use a specific version of ASDF 2 without loading the version supplied with LispWorks, you should load it directly and then call:

(provide "asdf")

to prevent the distributed version from being loaded later.

20.3.2 Using ASDF in the LispWorks IDE

You can work with your ASDF systems using the LispWorks IDE tools.

This needs some integration code which makes the System Browser, Editor and Search Files tools work with ASDF systems as well as 'native' LispWorks systems. The ASDF integration code is in:

(example-edit-file "misc/asdf-integration")

in the LispWorks library and if necessary you can load it directly. However, it is more convenient to rely on this code being loaded automatically.

The variable *autoload-asdf-integration* is consulted when the LispWorks IDE starts. If its value is true (this is the default) then the ASDF integration code is loaded automatically when ASDF is loaded.

See the comments in asdf-integration.lisp for more information about using ASDF with LispWorks.

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