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ssl-pointer FLI Type Descriptor


An FLI type for use with SSL.






Instances of the FLI type ssl-pointer are FLI pointers corresponding to the C type SSL* in OpenSSL. When LispWorks itself creates such objects, it creates the FLI pointer. You can get the pointer by calling ssl-connection-ssl-ref on the SSL connection object (a socket-stream or an async-io-state). A ssl-pointer is passed to the callback specified by ssl-configure-callback in create-ssl-server-context, create-ssl-client-context and the functions listed in 25.8.6 Keyword arguments for use with SSL.

ssl-pointer is also a Lisp type, and can be used with typep, typecase and as a specializer in CLOS methods. This is useful if you want to write code that takes a SSL connection and want to do different things according to the implementation type.

You can also create a ssl-pointer yourself using the functions from OpenSSL such as ssl-new, and then pass it with the :ssl-ctx keyword to attach-ssl, async-io-state-attach-ssl or make-instance with socket-stream. When you do that, it is your resposibility to perform all the required configurations except setting the I/O functions and connection, which LispWorks always sets itself.

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